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Fiscomm is a nationaly reputed company engaged in security and emergency systems and Networking solutions, Established in the year 1900 E.c we climbed our way to the top through Excellence and work ethics.


Our products and services have the same quality through out our 20 years endeavor.


We have been awarded 12 times nationaly and 2 times internationally for our unmatched quality of service.


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Emergency and Security Systems

Top Notch Security Devices , World Class Installation, we have been working on designing, installing, maintaining and commisioning electronic systems to protect businesses, homes and properties against fires, break-ins and other emergencies. our systems include fire, security and emergency systems to detect intrusion, provide surveillance, monitor and control access to buildings, such as Burglar Alarms, Fire Protection, Camera Surveillance, Video Monitoring, Wireless Video Security and Personal Emergency Response System. properties and sites or to detect fire and emergencies.our engineers got enormous amount of knowledge on interconnection of equipment, programming, verifying performance/fault finding and testing and maintaining.

Devices Sales

Technology Leader Brands With State of the art configuration,our variety of devices are broadly categorized into mass notification systems, emergency communication products and business continuity solutions. at the core of a fire alarm system are the detection devices, from sophisticated intelligent smoke detectors to simple manually operated break glass units we got them all. Heat detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors,multi-sensor detectors and manual call points, variety of multi-layered commercial access control, perimeter CCTV, various sensors and detectors, such as infrared, microwave or laser sensors, intruder alarms, fire detection system and fire extinguisher system.

Maintenance and Support

Award Winning Support, With Interactive Websites.our support and maintenance engineers follow a professional approach to customer service skills which include being presentable, tidy and respectful as they can often find themselves working in and outside customers' home as well as in and outside business premises. their routine tasks include conducting routine inspections of systems and devices, perform preventive maintenance, handles basic repairs and maintenance, diagnosing mechanical, electrical and programming issues and correcting them.


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